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Shoe Factory, SomersworthThe JEMS is located in The Hilltop City of Somersworth, New Hampshire, a New England town with a history rich in manufacturing, particularly in the textile and footwear industries.

Somersworth was home to the Great Falls Manufacturing Company, a cotton cloth manufacturer who at their peak had 7 textile mills along the riverbank of the Great Falls. Operations continued for over 100 years before closing in 1997. A shoe manufacturing facility followed, opening in Somersworth in the 1880’s. That building still stands today.

Fast forward to present day, the JEMS opened its doors with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 20th, 2023. Driven by the need to bring more diversity to the footwear industry, the ambition to provide designers the opportunity to design under their own label, and the intent to manufacture more sneakers in the US, JEMS is proud to continue Somersworth’s manufacturing legacy. We are also proud to usher in a new era of footwear manufacturing, at a time when only .11% of all footwear manufactured in the world is made in the US.

The JEMS innovative capabilities include a reduced development cycle as all samples are developed on-site, not in Asia. We manufacture using digital technology as much as possible, while always holding in high regard the craftsmanship that only human hands can provide.

We also value bringing back the trades and provide ongoing training to continually develop our Makers. We celebrate and invest in not just our own brand, but the people behind it.

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